Face shield

The face shield offers 100% protection for eyes, nose and mouth. The product prevent contagion with body fluids spread by sneezing, cough, breathing, including the SARS-CoV-2 type, blood, or other organic and chemical liquids.

Product characteristics

  • It is fixed on the head with an adjustable band and allow subjection of the shield
  • It is compatible with the use of additional glasses and/or mask, without affecting the visibility
  • The shield is made of PET and will not create discomfort at the facial level
  • The headband is made of polyester (50%) and elastane (50%), with polyurethane protector foam.


Viziera Protectie Faciala

Use areas

The face shield can be use by medical personnel, policemen, soldiers, firefighters, custom officers, mailmen and by other people who work in public services and may interact with potentially infected persons.

Viziera Protectie Faciala

The product is not sterile. Before use is recommended to sterilize the face shield properly.

280 mm length x 200 mm width

Shield height
200 microns

White, Yellow, Red, Light Blue, Black

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