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About CubeMedica

Cube Medica manufactures medical equipment and supplies for worldwide market, offering efficient protection solutions against viruses, bacteria, organic and chemical fluids and also dust particles. An experienced and dynamic team supervise the production process to ensure the compliance with all medical quality standards.

The Cube Medica products portfolio covers a wide area of equipment and medical supplies, starting with TYPE II R surgical masks and face shields and constantly update the offer with new products, based on market demands.

All the products manufactured by our company are available globally, based on demand delivery, at competitive price and highest quality standards.


Our mission

Cube Medica want to produce medical equipment and supplies at the highest quality and safety standards, to protect lives and to create a safer environment, where the medical activities and other public activities threatened by infection and contamination will continue. We are ready to deliver our products worldwide, fast, responsibly and to offer new solutions that respond to new threats. We work hard to be a trusted and responsible partner for our clients.

Our values

Our company is set to contribute to a safer world and to fight with diseases and other biological treats that challenge the health and safety of humanity. We support those who fight in the front line against these threats, by providing high quality, accessible medical equipment and supplies. Every day we test and develop new products and we face the most challenging situations with our expertise and our confidence.

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Why working with us?

Production capabilities

Modern production lines, ready to manufacture all the necessary stocks and to rapidly respond to client’s demands.

High quality

Products manufactured at the highest quality and safety standards, according to the medical certification.

Worldwide delivery

On demand delivery for our products all over the world and fast shipment for the required quantities.

Permanent assistance

Professional assistance from the placement of the order to the delivery confirmation and post selling services.



ISO 9001 - Standard for a quality management system

The international standard for a quality management system demonstrate a certain level of the quality of products or services that helps companies to be more competitive and reduce their costs. This certification allows a better acceptance at international level and opens the way to external markets.

ISO 13485 - Quality for medical equipment

It is the only medical device industry international standard for quality management. This certification refers to the companies who must demonstrate the capacity to provide medical equipment and related services, according to client's requests and to specific regulations. The implementation of ISO 13485 contributes to a risk reduction for entities who manufactures and distributes medical equipment and related services.

SR EN 14683 + AC - The standard for medical masks

This European standard refers to the design, performance requirements and testing methods for medical masks used to limit the infection transmission from medical staff to patients, during surgical procedures and other similar medical interventions.


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